The former GDR ("DDR"), the East German State, was loyal to his communist partner Russia. How open had it yet been to western music? The Beatles? The Rolling Stones?

Beat vs. Politics - A historical, musical memo.

Provided, compiled and produced by us as West One News / ARTBUSTMEDIA based on the history-making, one million listener reaction show of RIAS BERLIN successor DeutschlandRadio Kultur. Tis was the enhaned version.

Celebrating 20 years of German reunification Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 - this show features music all MADE IN THE (former) GDR (DDR).

This feature is an inside look into the mostly unknown only European censorship, which lasted until 20 years ago - and the attempt of artists to break free. They found their own metaphor for hiding protests in the lyrics!


The show was broadcasted first in German language - afterwards in English. Each show is almost 2 hours in length.

Please note that the German version is slightly different as it is based on the critical acclaimed original we produced about 10 years ago as a 40 minute special for RIAS BERLIN radio (DeutschlandRadio Berlin).

Listen to footage including absolutely rare material from the state archive of the former GDR by the "other stars" on the political stage: Erich Honecker und Walter Ulbricht. It also contains original music and interviews with musicians and in particular features RENFT, Wolfgang Bierman, Udo Lindenberg and Harry Belafonte... or listen to an East German folkloristic version of Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" as an American Mountaineer song .... sung in Yodel style !? :). Musicians were sent into exile or captured or banned.

Painter Lusici holds the GDR flag up. He would have ended up in prison for painting over this state symbol. But art found its ways and more than a East-German "Trabbi" (below, on display in the Hard Rock Cafe Berlin) remains in memory. Music used other methaphers. The GDR music developed an amazing language of its own.



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