Renata Fernandez



Tropical Garden Of Eden. Ink, charcoal, acrylic, oil on plywood, varnish, artificial tree. 1.80 x 4 x 0.5 m. 2005


My work is figurative. But the figure is an excuse, the chosen element (chosen by random) is to create formal problems. I assemble images from ready-made sources (papers, for instance) and work them until exhaustion. The same treatment is applied to any given material: textiles, timber, etc

I can say that one of my preoccupations is SEMIOTICS: by taking upon an given image, or material, and working them until exhaustion creating formal problems, I pretend to extract, or find out the reason why the image or material first caught my attention, and if such reason lies upon the underlying collective subconscious.

Usually such image or material becomes the subject of a series, effectively creating "islands" of subject matters in my work, that I visit or re-visit in time to time: the soldier, the Garden of Eden, the walk in the park, velvet, fences, etc. They comprise my ever growing imaginary, and sometimes mixed together creating a complete new subject.

The viewer might think that there is a narrative intention in my work just because I make use of the figure. My approach actually is quite detached, and more often than not I care little about the possible personal emotional content of a work. My objective is to generate the right circumstances to encourage the viewer's own interpretations. Given the opportunity, I would rather ask questions to the viewer regarding my work rather than answer. In this process of apparent deception, tittles are often long and incongruous. Above all, I reject any further interpretation.

At the end, in my work what matters is the power of transformation, THE MAKING, during which I adapt my own skills in the process, to make tangible the "suggestions" made to me by images and materials (where would they take me?). This process of apparent "exhaustion" of the subject matter is one of forced integration, no planned transformation, hence each work's own hermeneutic. I must add the importance of the generous touch of synchronicity and serendipity. Although my work is "organised" in series, each phase (object) would ideally stand on its own, both conceptually and as an object.



I Couldn't Kiss you Good Bye, I Couldn't Tell I Love You, 200 Virgins, 200 Whores are waiting for me. London 7/7 2005.
Charcoal, pastel, acrylic on paper. 100 x 154cm. Agust 2005

   Deconstruction of Rescued Girl. Oil on canvas, metal plates.97 x 117cm. 2005  


Venezuelan -born
1991-1996 Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón. (IUESAPAR). Caracas, Venezuela. Fine Arts.
1988-1993 Universidad Católica Adrés Bello (UCAB). Caracas, Venezuela. Humanities, Social Sciences, Media Studies.
1988-1995 AGO Teatro. Caracas, Venezuela. Drama, Set Design.

2006 Best Galerie, Bielefeld, Germany
2004 High Street Hunting. Tricycle Gallery, London.
2003 Everyday Epic. 198 Gallery, London
2001 The Battle of the Poppy. Stamford Art Gallery, East Anglia.
1995 Caracas es un Perro (Caracas es un Perro). Teatro San Martin Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.

GROUP SHOWS, selection
2006 Ruthless Peckham 2. Also executive producer for
2005 RUTHLESS-PECKHAM 1. Also consulting producer for
2003 9th East England Contemporary Art Auction. Djanogly gallery, Nottingham. Art vs Mainstream. Plinth, Leeds.
2002 Sporting' Art. North Light Gallery. Yorkshire. Challenge the Nail. Salon des Arts, London. 8th East England Contemporay Art Auction. Djanogly gallery, Nottingham.
2001 Atkinson Gallery Summer Exhibition. Millfield School, Somerset.
1999 New English Art Club, Mall galleries, London
1997 IX Bienal Internacional de Vila Nova de Cerveira. Portugal.
Salon de Pintura de Caracas. Venezuela.
1996 La Mirada. Museo Jacobo Borges de Caracas. Venezuela. Del Oeste. Museo Jacobo Borges de Caracas. Venezuela

2001 2nd Award Atkinson gallery Summer Exhibition. Millfield School.
1994-96 Scholarship, Asociación Venezolano Americano de la Amistad (AVAA)
1993 Orden José Félix Rivas, Third Class, national prize for artistic accomplishments as a young promising artist. Venezuela