One of the organiser of Ruthless

My work has always been based on the Strategy of Need, adapting available materials to create a tangible objects, scenarios, making use of the power of transforming any given means. What I do it is usually determined more for what I encounter rather than what I choose. 

Left and underneath:
I want to be...
, MDF, velvet and felt. 205 x 150 x 10 cm. London 2004 - 2005



It is the The Power of Transformation, which starts with making use of any materials available, adapting my own skills in the process, to make tangible the "suggestions" of these materials. Like my culture, my work is one of forced integration, no planned transformation. It is the generous touch of the synchronicity and serendipity.

Images from the press are as well subject to this ritual of transformation. Based in my certainty of human communication is more about misunderstanding rather than understanding, I take upon disparate and unrelated images and mixed them in my work in order to force an hermeneutic in within the work. Rejecting any other interpretation, I frequently wonder that when taking images and materials by random I am just responding to our shared subconscious basics.




 Tropical Garden of Eden, triptych. Charcoal, oiink, oil on plywood. 1.20 x 3.20 m. London 2005