Sungsu Yu

The proposed work 'My Beatrice' was inspired by 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri. In literature, Beatrice is most well known as a lover. She is described as the lady from heaven, the absolute virtue, the spiritual guide and the ultimate place achieved in this book. Vice and virtue are described through love, envy, pride hypocrisy, avarice, desire. I found all this suffering in me and this is the question that humans have to struggle with and deal with all the time.

In my work 'My Beatrice', it is not about the question of 'who is Beatrice' or 'What Beatrice means.' Rather, it is about the way to Beatrice, about the road of life where we constantly doubt and question the essential value of life all the way long.

This is the way that we face our hidden or uncovered humanity that can betray, evaluate, tempt and sublimate us. I believe there is a human nature beyond one's understanding of vice and virtue.